Diamond Print Services Ltd
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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

Payment Terms. In order for Diamond Print Services Ltd (Hereafter referred to as the company) to release any goods from our possession the company will insist on either full, cleared payment of our invoice or an approved customer credit account being in operation and paid up to date. We reserve the right to request immediate payment for the first job undertaken for any new customers unless said customer is informed in writing to the contrary. Until credit checks have been completed to our satisfaction all work being stored by us or work in progress will not be released. All credit accounts are subject to agreed and signed for terms. If a customer is in breach of the terms of their account we reserve the right to withdraw all credit afforded to that customer. All monies overdue on agreed credit terms are subject to interest charges of 4% above HSBC base rate.

Insurance. The company carries insurance commensurate with our professional estimate of the replacement costs of all printed work in our premises. If customers require that any or all work of theirs be insured to a specific or increased level they are required to make their own arrangements. Details of our cover can be obtained on request from our administration department.

Quotations. Quotations are valid for 90 days from the date of the quotation. All quotations are estimates and subject to sight of the job and may vary when work is underway. All quotations are issued with a reference number which must be quoted by the customer if a dispute arises. All quotations that include the company supplying materials of any sort are valid for 30 days only. Any material cost increases that occur when the job is in production may be passed on to the customer.

Impositions/ Dummies and book proofs. Impositions that we supply are based on information supplied to us by our customer and any variation in press requirements are not our responsibility. All impositions supplied by us should be checked prior to commencement of plate making. The company does not guarantee impositions in any way. Dummies and book proofs are not guaranteed to be produced in the same way to the eventual product and as such must be treated as guides to the finished product only.

Commencement of Work. All work undertaken by ourselves requires a written order detailing all relevant information. This includes but is not limited to the agreed price, delivery date or dates, detailed technical description , quantity(ies), packing requirements and delivery instructions.

Materials. Any materials involved  and supplied by the company are subject to  the availability of the said material and the company reserves the right to substitute materials where necessary. The company cannot guarantee the availability of any specific material. No materials will be ordered by the company until a purchase order has been received from the customer specifically regarding said materials.

Blocking and Embossing. Dies and tools made by the company remain the property of the company until full payment is received. We are not responsible for any artwork or other origination materials supplied to us  by a customer for the purposes of making a die. Dies and tools made by us and stored with us will be disposed of after a minimum period of 6 months after the customers order.

Overs / Stored finished work. Overs of folded sections , unused covers, inserts or other component parts of completed work will be disposed of  immediately after completion unless the company are specifically requested in writing not to. If there is a shortfall of finished product on the ordered quantity the overs of the component parts will be kept until the customer has been informed. After informing the customer of the shortfall if no further agreement is made in writing regarding the remaining overs the company will dispose of them after 14 days. After this time the company does not accept liability in any way for the replacement of said overs. All completed work that has not been removed from our premises within 90 days of it’s completion will be disposed of by the company with no liability for it’s replacement.

Variations and Tolerances. In keeping with common industry practices the company reserves the right to  produce products within generally accepted tolerances in terms of quantity, size and certain aspects of quality. We reserve the right to produce all work to commercially acceptable standards.

We do not accept liability for any failure of finished product in use, after it has left our premises.

Late Delivery/Performance conditions. All and any liability for any financial penalty incurred for late delivery or performance failure will not be accepted by the company under any circumstances not withstanding a specific written agreement outlining specific parameters.